The Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) on Symptoms of Severe Autism

PI: Doris Trauner, MD

This clinical trial will examine if and how cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical found in the cannabis plant, provides therapeutic benefit to children with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The trial, funded by a grant from the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation in partnership with and based on recommendations from the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation.

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Cannabidiol for Sedative/Hypnotic-sparing Management of Insomnia in Adults

PI: Mariana Cherner, PhD

It is estimated that up to a third US adults suffer from sleep problems, which are in turn associated with sub-optimal, and sometimes compromised, daily functioning.  Sedative and hypnotic medications constitute the main pharmacologic treatment for insomnia, but they are habit-forming and associated with adverse next-day “hangover” effects, including impaired driving and risk of falls.

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The Role of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Regulating Meal Time Anxiety in Anorexia Nervosa

PI: Emily Gray, MD

Because there are no proven treatments that normalize core symptoms in adult anorexia nervosa (AN), a disorder with high chronicity and mortality, many individuals seek out alternative approaches to care.  Recent evidence has suggested that exaggerated anxiety and diminished reward or motivation to eat play a key role in causing AN symptoms and poor outcome. 

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Cannabis Use and the Endocannabinoid System in Bipolar Disorder

PI: William Perry, Ph.D. & Jared Young, Ph.D

This study will look at the impact of chronic cannabis use as well as the effects of acute administration of the principal constituents of cannabis on cognition and brain levels of endogenous cannabinoids and the neurotransmitter dopamine.

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Study to Examine Possible Effects of Cannabis Compound for Common Movement Disorder

PI: Fatta Nahab, MD

Scheduled for early 2019, the phase I/II trial will assess efficacy and tolerability of an oral cannabis formulation comprised of cannabidiol (CBD) and low-dose tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This will be the first time this combination has been studied for treatment of ET.

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Effect of Cannabis and Endocannabinoids on HIV Neuropathic Pain

PI: Brook Henry, Ph.D. & Ron Ellis, M.D., Ph.D.

This study will address these three fundamental gaps in our knowledge by: 1) examining the acute effects of various CBD/THC products on HIV-NP, 2) utilizing a mHealth text messaging protocol (Individual Monitoring of Pain and Cannabis Taken or IMPACT) to monitor daily real-world cannabis use and changes in pain; 3) studying the relationship between cannabinoids, EC biomarkers, and chronic neuropathic pain.

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Effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) versus Placebo as an Adjunct to Treatment in Early Psychosis

PI: Kristin Cadenhead, MD

This clinical trial will explore the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD), in reducing symptoms and improving cognition in early psychosis. Additionally, this trial will examine the effect of CBD on the biological response to stress, and the effect of CBD on eating behavior induced by antipsychotic medication.

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Cannabidiol as a Strategy to Treat Alcohol Dependence

PI: Giordano de Guglielmo, PharmD, PhD

The development of novel and more effective medications for alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a pressing medical need. Preclinical studies showed that chronic cannabidiol (CBD) treatment decreased alcohol drinking and prevented the reinstatement of alcohol seeking that was induced by environmental cues and stress.

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Therapeutic Response of Cannabidiol in Rheumatoid Arthritis

PI: Veena Ranganath, MD

The overall goal of this proof-of-principle proposal is to examine the efficacy and safety of CBD treatment as adjunctive to the medical management of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients with moderate to severe disease activity.

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A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Cannabis in Healthy Volunteers Evaluating Simulated Driving, Field Performance Tests and Cannabinoid Levels

PI: Thomas Marcotte, Ph.D.

This study was authorized by the California Legislature (Assembly Bill 266, the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act) to help with detection of driving under the influence of cannabis.

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A Randomized, Cross-Over Controlled Trial of Dronabinol and Vaporized Cannabis in Neuropathic Low Back Pain

PI: Thomas Marcotte, Ph.D. & Barth Wilsey, M.D.

The major objective of the present study is to demonstrate an analgesic response to oral and/or inhaled cannabis in patients with neuropathic low back pain.

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