At the UC San Diego Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), we are committed to conducting rigorous, groundbreaking research to assess the medicinal value and proper application of cannabis.

The CMCR was established by the California Legislature as the first and only medicinal cannabis research institute in California to answer the fundamental question: does cannabis have therapeutic value?

For the last two decades, the CMCR has been at the forefront of California’s historic research effort.  Uniting experts across the University of California system, the Center has now completed a number of clinical trials and is in the process of conducting additional studies, effectively bringing new science to the national discussion about medicinal cannabis. Our most significant findings to date highlight cannabis’ application for neuropathic pain and spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis.

Now more than ever, we are in the midst of an exciting time in this emerging field – but we have many more questions to answer. Our goal is to evaluate the medicinal value of cannabis, and if effective, inform protocols for its safe use. We also aim to improve the quality of life for patients battling chronic pain conditions, mental health conditions and neurodegenerative conditions.

We hope you will consider supporting the CMCR to help us transform the way society perceives, studies, regulates and possibly benefits from medicinal cannabis.

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To learn more about making an impact in this area, please contact:
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Development Assistant
Health Sciences Advancement
University of California San Diego
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