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UC San Diego Scientists Working On Roadside Test For Stoned Drivers

David Wagner, KPBS, April 19, 2016

Police can use breathalyzers to catch drunken drivers. But they don’t have a great way of identifying stoned drivers. Scientists at UC San Diego are hoping to change that.

California legislators have tasked local researchers with developing a simple roadside test to measure drivers’ levels of marijuana intoxication.

Igor Grant, director of UC San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, said the study will involve giving marijuana of varying potency to research participants. Then, over the next seven hours, the participants will take cognitive tests on an iPad and enter a driving simulator a number of times.


State asks UCSD to find ways to detect stoned drivers

Gary Robbins, San Diego Union Tribune, April 17, 2016

UC San Diego will try to develop a faster, better way to determine whether drivers are high on marijuana through a study prompted by the possibility that California voters will approve the recreational use of pot in November.

The $1.8 million project was commissioned by the Legislature, which said sobriety tests currently used by law enforcement aren’t ideal for spotting drivers impaired by marijuana.

Researchers at the university plan to use driving simulators to study people’s behavior while they’re high on pot and formulate sobriety exercises that motorists would have to pass on a hand-held device, such as an iPad.


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