CMCR Mission Statement

The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research will conduct high quality scientific studies intended to ascertain the general medical safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis products and examine alternative forms of cannabis administration. The center will be seen as a model resource for health policy planning by virtue of its close collaboration with federal, state, and academic entities.


  1. To conduct and support focused controlled clinical trials on the efficacy of cannabis in patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, cancer, seizures or muscle spasms associated with a chronic debilitating condition, or any other serious condition providing sufficient theoretical justification.
  2. To use prospective clinical trials to determine optimal dosage, timing, and modes of administration for cannabis in various medical disorders.
  3. To conduct randomized trials to compare the efficacy and safety of various methods of cannabis administration.
  4. To conduct observational studies and randomized trials to assess the safety and toxicity of cannabis in the medically ill. Such studies will evaluate the impact of treatment on daily functioning and on life quality.
  5. To conduct limited pre-clinical studies with direct relevance to understanding cannabis as a therapeutic agent.
  6. To facilitate the implementation of research by assisting investigators in securing relevant regulatory review and approval by state and federal agencies.
  7. To establish a process of rigorous peer review of scientific proposals.
  8. To secure external sources of funding to maximize the scope and size of cannabis studies.

Igor Grant, MD

UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Medicinal Cannabis
(July 2017)

Igor Grant, MD

American Psychological Association Plenary Address: Marijuana as Medicine: Can we see past the smoke?
Denver, CO (August 2016)

Barth Wilsey, MD

Marijuana and Cannabinoids: A Neuroscience Research Summit;
Bethesda, MD (March 2016)


Igor Grant, MD, FRCP(C) American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting

McGill University Health Centre - Research Institute
(February 2015)

Igor Grant, MD

41st Annual Summer Clinical Institute in Addiction Studies;
La Jolla, CA (June 2012)

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