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Where can I obtain medical marijuana?

The CMCR is unable to provide information on where to get medical marijuana. Your local community health organization may be able to provide more information.

Can you refer me to a doctor who recommends medical marijuana?

No. The CMCR is strictly a research facility. We do not refer to doctors who recommend medical marijuana.

Where can I get more information on the uses of medical marijuana?

The American Medical Association has some information on the analgesic effects and the adverse effects of medical marijuana. Conducting a web search or consulting the Journal of American Medical Association may also provide some helpful information.

You can also refer to the following websites:

How can I obtain a Medical Marijuana Identification card?

Under California Senate Bill 420, implementation of medical marijuana ID card programs is left to the discretion of each county in California. For a list of county regulations you can refer to the following website: safeaccessnow.net/countyguidelines.htm


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